Printing correct value of websettings

You can check the current value of settings by using print_websettings management command:

$ python print_websettings
HTT_DRUM_PLAYER                          = 'Ritsu Tainaka'
HTT_BASS_PLAYER                          = 'Mio Akiyama'

Also you can use these keyword arguments:

  • format:
    • json: printing result as json.
    • simple: printing result as simple format like assignment of python.
  • indent: accept a number to specify indent size (only available as json format)

Deleting trash values

There is an anxiety leaving trash data on backend:

>>> from websettigs import websettings
>>> websettings.clear_trash()

Writing own backend

django-websettings is designed to correspond to multiple backend to store settings.

This guide explain the way to write your own backend and use it.

Interface guide for backend

A backend is a just one module contains three functions.

  • getsetting(key): a function to get the setting value by key.
  • setsetting(key, value): a function to set value correspond to key.
  • exclude_clear(keys): a function to clear setting values exclude keys.

When fail getting or setting the values, the function should raise AttributeError.

Using your backend

You can specify the back end module to set a WEBSETTINGS_BACKEND in your project’s file:

# In your file

A DB backend (websetting.backends.db) is used by default.

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